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Sunday, March 31, 2013

American Punk Rock "Dive Bar In Your Mind" Music Podcast

Listen to all American bands music podcast playing punk garage rock n roll songs from the basement dive bar in your mind.

Estrogen Highs, Night Beats, Hysterians, The Dimeras, The Spits, Paybacks, The Touch Ups, Cheap Time, The Minks, Alcoholic Helltones, The Withdrawals, The Make Ups, The Oh Nos, Subsonics, Da Willys, 440's, The Easy Livin

Garage Punk bands from San Jose California, New York City, Atlanta Georgia, Nashville Tennessee, Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, Cleveland Ohio, Detroit Michigan, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Victoria Texas, Phoenix Arizona and other cities across the USA

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Yeah, I know it's a humor blog, but I had to plug my newest podcast