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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Funny Osama Bin Laden Pictures from 2001

A few funny Osama Bin Laden related Pictures I found on some old floppy disk dated back to 2001 before his recent death. I blew off the dust and posted them to jump on the Osama is now a dead Mother#*%$#% bandwagon.


A Top Tweet I Found Humorous - Tuesday May 3, 2011
They buried Osama out to sea right after Japan released radioactive water into the ocean. This has the makings of an awesome monster movie


Onion Girl said...

Your page is simply great! It is nice to see someone else who has a fun sense of humor and does not take life to seriously!


amy said...

it's good funny post....
i like ur post....keep posting

Tumul said...

great post lol...keep up the good work!