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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Festus of Gunsmoke Lost Comedy Audio Tapes

Listen to some hilarious older funny comedy audio I found online featuring Festus of the old western TV show Gunsmoke. Festus talks about girls, teenage music, his grandpa, he sings funny songs and other crazy stuff. Listen to it and if you think it as funny as I do the files are also available for free download. I watched Gunsmoke when I was a kid so that could be why I like it so much. Decide For Yourself.

I found this audio at Archive.org which I have been surfing for about 20 years.
The older generation will find it much more appealing than the youth of today.
Click The White Triangle Far Left To Play Audio ( for those who don't know )

Festus Talks About - 1 Girls, 2 Gunsmoke's Dodge City, 3 His Grandpa Hawg, 4 His Home Town My, 5 His Trip To Las Vegas, 6 Mules (You're Nothing), 7 Teenage Music, 8 Writes To His Girl (Phooey On)

Total: 8 CLIPS - The time length ranges anywhere from 4 - 6 minutes on each one. You can also use the arrow on the player to move forward or go back and play one over.

Funny Audio Excerpts: 

  • I thought girls were just lumpy boys

  • We had a beauty contest and nobody won

  • We could tell they were tourist because they still had their teeth

  • You can lead a horse to water but before you do remember how a wet horse smell

  • For those not familiar with Archive.org you can find old time radio shows, recorded live concerts, photos, read books. It is a very historically important and fun website just to piddle around in. I download quite a few free live concerts there. You can also use the wayback machine to see what a website looked liked in the past. Yahoo looks funny wayback but I remember it looking like that as if it were yesterday.