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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dear Mr President Marijuana Reform Poem

A Cry For Freedom In The Land Of The Free.
A Poem About Marijuana Reform and Legalization.

  Dear Mr. President - Legalize Marijuana Poem

Hey Mr Prez

Hey Mr. Prez it's Dog8mybag,
I'm down here in Austin Texas.
Trying to survive in the modern world,
and all of it's related stresses.

An issue of freedom I would like to discuss,
it's all about the cannabis plant.
So pull up a chair and kick up your heels,
and listen to my right to rant.

Millions use it on a regular basis,
Lord knows we all can't be wrong.
I can see the movement of the people,
it will be legal again before long.

The time is now when we need you most,
too many are confined to cages.
Just because of the miracle plant,
that's been around throughout the ages.

Hey Mr. Prez I'm American made,
I would never even think of treason.
I love my country, does my country love me ?,
it's time we came to fair reason.

Whatever the outdated dusty law states,
over and over it's been debated.
Remove the black flag its not a hard drug,
dont deserve to be incarcerated.

© Copyright 2002 Dog8mybag

Our government politicians know marijuana is not as bad as some people say it is. I would have to think they would be well informed and up to date on the subject more than any of us. Its just an ignorant speculation but I think they picture everyone dancing and raving in the middle of the streets high on pot. I think it to be just the opposite. I feel it would be a more mellow society. Marijuana smokers would be more appreciative towards our government. AMERICA Land of the Free

There are more people behind bars for drug offenses in the United States than there are in prison for all crimes in England, France, Germany and Japan combined.