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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pictures of Austin Tx. Crossdresser Leslie Cochran

Austin's Famous Transvesstite Crossdressing Freak Show
Never Before Seen Pictures Of Leslie Cochran

I literally have 100s of pictures of Leslie Cochran. Why? As crazy as it sounds he makes for insanely great entertainment, Until now these pictures have never been posted any other place.  I see Leslie constantly all over Austin since he moved here in the mid to late 90s.  He is at the music events, art shows, parks, bars and clubs. All over the place. He makes money by allowing tourist to have their pictures taken with him. People in Austin use him for publicity to attract attention.  Bars and restaurants give him free drinks and food so tourist will stay longer. Its better than going to the zoo.

The pictures are from prints I scanned. I have 30 years worth of Austin related Pictures stacked in boxes in my closet.  I was actually looking for some of my SXSW pictures when I ran into Leslies. Not the best quality but considering the circumstance maybe it's better that way (chuckle)

The two pictures directly above were during The Republic Of Texas Biker Rally held here in Austin every year. It is one of the largest biker rallies in the nation with tens of thousands of bikers, and definitely the largest gathering of bikers in Texas. No way you would catch me running around in a pair of underwear.

At one time before the Austin Police Department made him give it up, Leslie had a little makeshift house set up on 6th street. This is his sign in response to having to tear it down.
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