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Friday, March 11, 2011

Free Band Names For Bands That Suck

Can't Think Of A Cool Band Name ?
A Free List Of Band Names That Will Make You Famous

Your Band Sucks

Lost Liberty - Wasted Daze - Idiot Box - Thirst For Sanity

I am Web Designer and Marketing for Bands in Austin. Sometimes they ask me to help think up band names for themselves, or friends in other bands that don't have a name they like yet. I have been writing down crazy band names I thought up for over ten years. Here is a small portion of the list. Keep in mind this is a humor blog. Sounds crazy but if you are in a band and want to use one feel free. I don't own them, I just thought them up. I would certainly think they are unused. Put a lot of thought into what you do name your band, it will be vital to your marketing success.

Cavity Search

On Your Side

Charity Stripe

Con Stunts

Aunt Acid

Seed Burn

Rewind The Clock

Creative Difference

Anything Helps

Freedom Taken Away

Two Day Pass

Bombs Crack Planets

Fish Eyed Fool

Punk Rock Skunk

Blind Witness

Always Never

Hand Maid Crush

Daytime Swingers

Dirty Sherrif

Fools Rules

Hedda Moddick

Weed Eater

Everything Else

Morning Woody

Rug Burn Cripple

Owners Expense

Incurable Bitch

Unbiased Hypocrite

Sonny Jew Lie

Visualize Nothing

Flirtatious Virgin

Flower Pot

Watchdog Rebellion

Unable To Leave

Curse On Sundays

Sinful Minded Needs

Naked Reassurance

Dance Floor Nation

Lapse Of Reason

The Fluent Drunks

Unspeakable Favors

Sex On Acid

Heaven Hates Me

Duct Tape Cowboys

Fix America First

Catnip Giflfriend

American Experience

Variety Of Options

Metro Maniacs

Well Rounded Squares

Man Made Miracle

Permission To Thrash

Pot Licker

Easy As Pie

Dirt Road Highway

Green Stop Sign

Drifting Onward

Bunch Of Losers

Constant Appeal

Voice Of Freedom

Under Caution

Police State

Laughing Stock

My Car Sucks

Sleepy Seconds

Sin Symphony

Decent Exposure

The Tick Toxics

Come Alive

NEW band names, Added January 1st 2013

Enter Course

Alarming Advice

Neighborhood Witch

First Down

Detox Planet

13 Year Term

Junk Media

Mindless Freedom

Squiggy Maestro

NEW band names, Added April 19th 2013

Mind Spores

Wrongly Convicted

Blind Cabbies

Cousin Fester

Smoke Filled Karma

Cat Tuna Incense