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Sunday, March 13, 2011

420 Stoned Again Comical Marijuana Poem


I Got In Late From Work,
My Dog Looked Kinda Dead.
Her Tongue Was Hanging Out,
Eyes Rolled Up In Her Head.

I Put Her In The Car,
I Took Her To The Vet.
I Said Hey Doc Look,
Please Try To Save My Pet.

Looks Like She's Been Poisoned,
I Hope We're Not To Late.
I'll Pump This In Her Stomach,
She'll Then Regurgitate.

She Struggled Up On All Fours,
I'm Talk'n Barely Able.
Then All Of The Sudden,
She Puked All Over The Table.

We Looked Down At Her Barfings,
My Thought Was She's Not Die'n.
About That Time Doc Said,
Son Your Dogs Brain Is Fry'n.

It Looks Like Marijuana,
She Really Ate A Lot.
My Mind Began To Ponder,
It Was My Super Duper Pot.

I Said I Hope You Like Honesty,
I Know It's A Bit Of A Drag.
But Doc You Gotta Listen,
I Think My Dog Ate My Bag.

This is actually a true funny generically structured marijuana poem. It happened exactly as written. It is how how got my internet nick "dog8mybag"  in 1991 and have had it ever since.  I got the idea from the Cheech and Chong movie Up In Smoke.  Back when I first put it online it was the very first poem of its kind relating to the subject of a dog eating weed. Now you have TV shows and other people that have experienced the same thing and posted funny stuff about it, but this is the original..

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WordMagician2K said...

That was a nice poem.I used to write poems.With a bit of humor,I like this one.