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Friday, March 11, 2011

12 Ordinary People (Jurors) Can Ruin Your Life

My Politically Incorrect Rant.

I just cant get over the fact that 12 ordinary everyday people, and in some cases 6 that know nothing about the law can decide someones fate.

Yes, It's the American way. Guilty until proven innocent. I'm sorry your right, it is innocent until proven guilty. I have seen it both ways, not personally, but I do read the news and watch the boob tube. I realize it's the way our country has done it for years. You have a right to a fair trial. My question is how fair is it when your fate is in the hands of 12 average everyday people. Store clerks, a plumber named Bobby Joe, the American Asian that owns the dry cleaner downtown. They all have been known to be wrong at one time or another just like me and you. DNA is getting people released from prison quite often these days for crimes they didn't commit. Somebody was obviously wrong.  It wasn't long ago I was reading about a man that spent over 10 years in prison, another 22, another 35 for crime's they didn't commit.  Doesn't sound like that big of deal reading about it, but what if by some strange happening it was you. Would it sound like a big deal then ?

Women judges and female jurors. There is another drawback of the American court system. Women menstruate. A week before their menstrual cycle they go through physical and emotional changes. That's two weeks out of the month they are off kilter to say it semi nicely. Imagine you are on trial and the judge and one of the female jurors are on their period. You wouldn't know it but what if you did ? Would you start shaking in your boots?. Like I said before it is how the judicial system is meant to function and i personally feel there  has to be a better way.  A much cheaper way.

Millions of American citizens are called in yearly to show up for jury duty. The chosen ones sometimes have to endure long trials that totally arrange their way of normal living. It has to stress them out quite a bit. Take for instance Bobby Joe the plumber that owns his own plumbing business. Missing work for a month long drawn out trial could be pretty tough when it comes time to pay that big monthly house mortgage. We live in modern times. We have truth serum, hypnosis, lie detector test and other modern ways of technology to get to the truth. After all they didn't have AK 47's when the Bill Of Rights was decided upon. I personally think they need to sit down and revise it. Of course I'm crazy and politically incorrect, that's what this blog is based on. I have no right to question a document written before the automobile, electricity or the atom bomb. Do I ?   Your wrong. I most certainly do have a right to question it if it effects me personally. And it Does.

People are getting exonerated from prison by DNA results on a constant basis these days. Why?  Someone was wrong. 

I am not waiting until tomorrow. As soon as I finish with this article i am writing the new Bill of Rights to blend in with modern times. I will start it off stating that any minister or representative of the church caught molesting children will be crucified on the cross in front of the township. Mandatory immediately.

Excuse typos, improper use of the English language. It's the American way.