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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Whats God’s email address ? I need to talk to him.

I think about this way too much. Who the hell are we and why ? We are floating in the middle of a very complex universe on a big huge ball. We have a sun that never stops burning. The sun is a perfect 93 million miles from earth. A million miles closer we would burn. A million miles farther we would freeze. Water covers the earth yet it doesn't spill into space. Everyday we rotate to the same position that we were at the previous day at the same time. I could go on and on. I know you have had to ponder the thought at one time or another. If you haven't you are lacking deeply in the imagination department.

I am not the most religious person on the block. My take on religion is, if they say that some long haired hippy looking dude with sandals and a robe is the son of God, that sounds pretty cool with me. I can work with that. But where is God ? I have some question's to whoever created this little grain of sand in the universe we live on. Why create a planet, put life on it and let it become so hostile ? Why create famine and disease ? Could it be population control ? What else could it be ? If you have the power to create a universe you certainly should be able to cure cancer. Stop wars. You should be able to snuff out a tornado or hurricane in a split second. Well I'm thinking if you are smart enough to create something this complex with living creatures that can reproduce you are also smart enough to cover all bases by controlling the population. It is all in the grand scheme of things. The big picture.

Think about if we have never had a war, no disease, no typhoons. You think good ole mother earth is over populated now, think again. Not only the people who have perished would be added to the current population but also their offspring, and their offspring's offspring. Yeah, you get the point. There would be no countryside. It would be all asphalt, concrete and buildings with an overwhelming amount of people. There would be a shortage of all things needed to survive such as food.

I have questions. Not just a few. A whole bunch of them. I want to know who i am and why i was one of the chosen ones to experience this life. It is very random when you think about it. If my father never met my mother I wouldn't be writing this mindless and senseless rant. If they went to bed ten minutes later would I still be here or would i have different color hair and eyes with a different name ? I need to know. I need Gods email address. I cant find it anyplace on the net. If you feel you have the answer to any of my questions please let me know ?

I found this graphic on the net years ago
Stare at the 4 dots for 15-20 seconds - close your eyes - tilt your head up

Back in the late 70's and all of the 80's I worked in HVAC, which is Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. At the time I had long hair that went down to the middle of my back. I always kept it neat and clean and wore it in a pony tail at work. Living in Austin I certainly wasn't the only person with long hair.

I will never forget the time I got called out to the west side for a repair call. The lady was really nice in the beginning until I told her she had a major problem and what it will cost her to get it fixed. The longer we discussed it, the faster her mood changed to anger. She started complaining about our previous service and everything else. It has been a long time and I don't really remember everything she got bent about.

What I do remember, and I will never forget is she eventually got on the subject of my hair. strictly out of hate and anger. As I was following her down the hall to go back outside, under her breath I heard her say "why do men want to wear their hair that long" as we walk past a picture of Jesus hanging on the wall with hair just as long as mine. That has stuck with me forever.