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Friday, December 10, 2010

Strange People In Austin Holding Funny Signs

Pictures of strange and weird people on the streets of Austin holding up cardboard signs with funny sayings. Some of the people are homeless and others just want attention.

George Bush Has Sex With Farm Animals
Taken From My Archives

Personally I don't have anything to say about George Bush. Good or Bad. My thought is if anyone can do better, spend twenty years of your life in school, ten more working in government, then run for President Of The United States. You too can become an overwhelmed political puppet on a string. Its the job with the weight of the world on your shoulders, Literally.

Willard from Waco certainly didn't like George Bush. I took this photo one Sunday morning as I was riding my mountain bike around the downtown area of Austin like I do every weekend. George Bush has sex with farm animals. Was Willard there ? Did he witness GW doing this strange act. Willard had just gotten out of jail in Waco the day before and told me he hated the government and GW. OK

A funny photo I took of a person on the main drag across from the University Of Texas Campus one early morning. The sign reads THEY TOLD ME JESUS IS COMING SO I DECIDED TO STAND HERE AND WAIT.

The sign should read, I don't have a job and I need attention, so I will hold this silly sign all day long. Maybe I should have told him Jesus was really busy at the moment.

A panhandler that always hung out in the downtown Austin area. Usually down at the entertainment district on 6th street. At the beginning of the evening his forehead would be like any others. At the end of the night it was bright red along with a pocket full of money. He only asked for 25 cents but most people would usually give him more.

He was good at kicking himself in the head. Made it look pretty darn easy. I have tried over and over and cant do it to save my life. Maybe that's a good thing.

Leslie Cochran. Austin's infamous transvestite cross dresser who has run for Mayor on several several different occasions. You can always find Leslie hanging out downtown on 6th street which is our major party district. He panhandles and tourist tip him for photo shoots.

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