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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mindless Pointless Ramblings Bordering On Humor

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Original pointless ramblings and thoughts that materialized in my mind and have made their way to this amazing thing we know as the Internet. A place where everyone can read the stupid idiotic stuff people write about. A place where you can see the best of the best and the worst of the worst. A place that can be happy or sad, amusing or annoying, enlightening or disgusting, friend or foe. It can be what you want it to be just by one click of a button.

; ) Beer Is A Gateway Drink

I am so glad large and credible testing firms finally found the courage to say marijuana isn't a gateway drug. I have some added important news for them, beer is a gateway drink. I'm not saying everyone that drinks alcohol will eventually start smoking marijuana, but i do know of at least one person that did., ME. I am no statistical genius but I am willing to bet I wasn't the 1st. I might have eventually tried it anyway but the 1st time I did was because I had been drinking booze. The legal stuff. My "just say no" said YES.

; ) What is this Life for ?

Do you realize we are on a huge ball floating in space. The sun burns daily 24/7 - 365 days a year. How long can something that hot continue to burn? What if one day it exploded into a million pieces or it just stopped burning? Who's to say it couldn't happen. We are stuck to earth like magnets. I realize its because of gravity. What if all of the sudden everyone just started floating into space. Can you honestly tell me it can never happen? Point being we all take life for granted. Nothing is guaranteed. We wake up on a daily basis and expect everything to be routine. ...LIVE FOR TODAY.

; ) Smoking Sucks

As a real good friend of mine said, I don't smoke, I'm just the sucker at the other end. God i hate smoking cigarettes. What a waste of money and health. I have tried to quit 1000's of times to no avail. Besides just knowing that cigarettes are deadly, it basically tells you right there on the pack. Now here's something that everyone knows can cause a slow nasty death but it is perfectly legal and you can buy them at almost any store on the planet.. How many people in the world lit up a cigarette in the last minute? How many people died today from an illness related to smoking cigarettes? How many others have cancer from smoking and don't even know it?

; ) The Universe

I like to hang outside a lot. I think the moon,stars and clouds are cool romance. I catch myself staring into space and my mind wanders. The universe which we take for granted never ceases to amaze me. No one really knows how far the universe extends or who we share it with. Here we are sitting comfortable in our homes and we have no idea of where we really are. We know it as Planet Earth. Do you really think this vast endless universe was created for life to exist on Planet Earth only? Think again.

; ) 1st Jalapeno Peppers

Who the heck munched on the first jalapeno pepper? When it started cranking out the heat on the tongue did they stop? Did they have water readily available ? You would think they would have spread the word to not go anywhere near them. I have always heard to wait and see if an animal eats it, if they do it must be edible. I don't think animals are hard up enough to resort to eating jalapenos.

; ) Abortion

Almost everyday i drive past the abortion clinic coming home from work and every time i do people are there with signs protesting what is happening inside. Something i have noticed about the protesters is for the most part they are men. I have a 28 year old daughter and cant fathom life without her. I also have a two grandchildren and love them like crazy. I am anti-abortion, but i am a man. Do i really have a right to voice my opinion on the subject if the child is not mine or at least closely related. I don't ever have to get pregnant. I will never know what it is really like to be young ,pregnant and scared. How can someone possibly know what it feels like unless you are put in that position. Just a thought.

; ) Stoner Ants

One evening me and a friend were on the patio having happy minutes. I tossed the roach into the grass without looking. A few minutes later I noticed it landed near a small ant bed. Within 15 minutes they had removed all of the herbs from inside of the paper and had it packed away inside their ant bed. I'll just bet they were in their little dirt mound high fiv'n their little asses off.

; ) 9/11 America

I guess i should probably think about that day and what happened more often, but I have become the master at blocking out reality. I do remember immediately after it happened the unity and how our country bonded together. Everybody and their Uncle had an American flag flying high on the car antenna. Too bad it was only temporary. Too bad the hatred and racism went back to its old ways not long after. I demand it, would someone please step forward and save this country.

; ) Modern Society

I wish I were wealthy enough to buy my own tropical island. All I would need is a beautiful woman,a boat and a dog. I think society today totally sucks. I only tolerate it because i have to. I don't care where you live on the planet from what I gather it seems to be total crap. The world is overwhelmed with corruption and greed. Hate and anger. Why cant we all just get along and live happily ever after. Earth: No Deposit - No Return

; ) A Pointless Moment In Time

I just got home from work. I turned on the radio and I'm at my desk munching on Taco Bell. I am looking out my window at the beginning of an awesome Austin Texas sunset melt into the horizon. The pinkish, blue and purple sky looks totally awesome. All of the sudden I see my shirtless pot belly neighbor who has a serious farmers tan mowing his yard. He blast past my window with his 20 year old noisy lawn mower that desperately needs a tune up. Rocks, gravel and sticks are pelting the outside wall of our house. His pants are falling down and the crack of his hairy butt is showing. Oh well, It was nice while it lasted.

; ) Suddenly Blind

I Came home from work and hopped in the shower. My duck taped FM waterproof radio was blasting out "Cold Shot" by Stevie Ray Vaughan. A few minutes into my shower the light bulb burnt out and I am now showering in complete darkness. I was going to get out and get a new light bulb from the hall closet when it suddenly occurred to me some people have to live their life day to day like this. Why do I need to get a light bulb ? Is it because I am spoiled and I always get everything I want ? I then finished my shower, dried off and got dressed in the dark. Life go's on.

; ) Pre-Paying For Gas

Have you ever noticed when you go to fuel up your vehicle and pre-pay for gas the pump starts going real slow about 20-30 cents before your ending total. I have often wondered how much money is wasted because people get tired of waiting and stop pumping. I know they make on average ten to twenty cents every time I gas up. I know that's not much, but on a large scale I wonder.