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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Marijuana Poem - Productive Members Of Society Smoke

Will Wag For Weed

 A generic structured poem I wrote after the 2003 marijuana march held here in Austin Texas. I have been an advocate for marijuana reform most of my adult life. By the way, this poem was written about true life and real friends of mine. From start to finish, it only took about ten minutes to write. I don't expect anyone to be too

People I Know

I know an Attorney that smokes,
and yes he agrees with me.
I also have a Doctor friend,
sometimes we smoke for free.

Bank President in Dallas Texas,
we grew up on the same street.
When i visit we still smoke out,
just has to be real discreet.

Up the street a business owner,
highly respected in the community.
More than once I've heard him say,
marijuana laws need immunity.

A computer whiz and a millionaire,
makes a fortune from his knowledge.
When we sat down and smoked a joint,
he said his first time was in college.

Real Estate sales in San Antone,
my friend he is truly blessed.
End of the day he likes to relax,
helps when he's tired and stressed.

So before you judge or stereotype,
or slander my point of view.
Step outside and look around,
they might live next to you.

We all have different opinions about whether or not marijuana should be legal. Out of all of the many negative reasons I have read researching the subject one clearly sticks out in my mind. The concern that everyone is going to get in their vehicles and drive around stoned. I laugh every time I read that because my father was killed in an auto accident by a drunk driver. That's right, the legal stuff you can buy at every store.

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Did you know more people are incarcerated for drug offenses in the United States
than in prison for all crimes in England, France, Germany and Japan combined.