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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Can Online Review Websites Destroy A Business?

As consumer's we all want to know how the local restaurant we frequent is doing. What others are saying about it. So we simply look it up on one of the popular review websites online to see what others are saying. I did just that and none of the reviews of my favorite happy hour hangout seemed anything like what I have experienced over the years. I have been going to the same place for over ten years and it is nothing like what I read. It is much better than the review. 

I then turned my attention to reviews and ratings of local Austin companies. I wanted to see what type of ratings and reviews they are getting from websites like Yelp. I was amazed to see so many bad reviews and hardly any positive ones. It seems only the disgruntled take time to post reviews. Some reviews are all out slanderous and hateful. They could easily ruin the reputation of any business, which in turn can potentially destroy the business completely. 

Its is something we should never forget, anyone can sign up and post a review about our business.

I know a couple of people that have, not realizing the harm they could be doing. Two of my daughters little pale white punk rocker friends got online and posted bad reviews for a couple of restaurants. How do I know ? My kiddo told me. I guess she thought I would find it humorous. I didn't.

What I want to know is who grades the review websites? How do they monitor who is posting these reviews. I could understand if it was a completely flawless system, but it is not.