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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fat Women Pictures That Went Viral In Year 2000

What was popular on the internet in the year 2000 ? Believe it or not these photos were. That's right, pictures of big fat obese R rated naked fat women. These photos actually went viral In the year 2000. We didn't have the social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube like today. No chance of going viral overnight. It was either email, chat rooms or to discover them in a website. They were all over the internet In every funny humor picture website around.

I literally have 1000's of old floppy disc loaded with funny pictures and other crazy insane stuff dating back to the early 90's. I was going through my old disc marked "granted permission to use through trade" when I found these pictures. The disc has 30-40 pictures of funny stuff on it but I will only show these four I was granted use for.

Excuse the quality. Floppy disc date stamp: 11/20/2000
I hope you are not in the middle of dinner.

I don't think obesity is a laughing matter, but these lovely ladies don't seem to mind.


Anonymous said...

Words fail me, where are you? Jenny Craig!