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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pictures of Austin's Weirdest Apartment Complex

The Metropolis Apartments - South Austin Texas USA

Austins weirdest and strangest apartment complex located off of riverside drive in South Austin. Some call The metropolis apartments art, others call them an eyesore.  I lived up the same street  in the 80s at Kings Gate Apartments back when Joe Namath, former New York Jets quarterback owned them.  It was 90% University of Texas Students and a really nice area to live. Pretty crappy area now.  I took these pictures back in the late 90's on a cheap throw away camera. The quality is not the best. 

metropolis apartments austin
Top Photo: click to view larger version in new window

metropolis apartments austin1

metropolis apartments austin2

metropolis apartments austin5

metropolis apartments austin texas

metropolis apartments austin6

metropolis apartments austin7

metropolis apartments austin8

Just Doin My Part To Help "Keep Austin Weird"


hot rocks said...

ya nice pics it really ooks real if the weird things were every ehere people would freak