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Monday, December 13, 2010

As A Kid I Played In Toxic Chemicals

Sometimes I Forget My Middle Name but..

toxic chemicalsThe younger generation might not be familiar with what I am talking about so I will clue you in. Back in the 70's when I was in my early teens sometimes the mosquito's in our neighborhood were really bad. Abundant and overwhelming might be better words to describe it. We had a lot of creeks and low lying areas that collected water after it rained. An oasis for mosquito's to breed. So to try and rid the neighborhood of some of these pesky insects city maintenance workers would send out the mosquito fogger truck. You could hear its loud rumbling pumps attached to the back of the truck from blocks away. The once empty streets were suddenly full of a bunch of kids anticipating this special moment of fun.

If you looked between the houses you could see the grey clouds on the next streets over that were previously sprayed. It would linger for quite some time. It was a great time for all of the kids on the block running behind this loud truck that sprayed this big thick grey cloud of genetically altering gas. It was so thick sometimes you would accidentally run into a car parked on the street that you didn't see. Trip over a friend running by your side.

Looking back, I remember the skull and crossbones and the bright yellow triangular poison signs on the big metal barrels in the back of the truck. I also remember a sign on the tailgate that read Caution: Do Not Run Behind The Truck. We were kids and none of that really mattered to us. At the time we had no idea we were running down the street in a cloud of poison gas that was destroying our mental capacity and our respiratory system. Regulations and the knowledge of what long term effects that harsh chemicals can do to humans was lacking to say the least.

I sometimes wonder if it is one of the many reasons why I have short term memory and forget things, but I don't think it had that much of an effect on me because I still ....

My parents also let me play with old mercury filled tubes the TV Repair Man left behind. They always did that to show customers what they replaced. We broke them open and would roll the little balls of mercury around in the palms of our hands thinking it was cool. Little did we know, we were poisoning our body for life with heavy metals.