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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Lazy Jackass Animated GIF

This animated gig was on my tumblr feed. I found it to ne humorously entertaining. A donkey in a hammock. Decided to share it.

Monday, May 29, 2017

50s 60s 70s Classic Country Music Playlist

50s 60s 70s Classic Country Music Playlist

Old school 50s, 60s & 70s classic country & rockabilly / hillbilly songs. Focus is equal amount of male & female country singers. New YouTube channel started Feb. 2017 at YouTube Classic Country Music Oldies

Benny Dean - Bottom Of The Fifth - 70's Classic Country

Betty Rogers - You Only Call Me Up When You're Drinking 1967

Vern Pratt - Pearl's Not A Girl It's A Beer - 70s Classic Country

Linda Cassady & Bobby Spears - The Finer Side Of Life 1978

Conway Twitty - Okie From Muskogee 1970

Molly Bee - Everything But Your Name 1966

Joanna Neel - Daddy Was A Preacher / Mama Was A Go Go Girl 1971

Johnny Doe ‎– Ring Of Fire 1972 (Johnny Cash Song)

George Freeman - Come On Bottle Do Your Thing 1975

Jimmy Swan - Hey Baby Baby - 1955 Country Music

Ruby Wright - Such A Silly Notion 1964 - Classic Country Oldies

Glenn Barber ‎– Livin' High And Wide 1955

see more at
YouTube Classic Country Music Oldies

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pole Dancer - Funny Strip Club Novelty Song

Barbarellatones - Pole Dancer
Funny Strip Club Novelty Song 

Adult themed humor. Hilariously funny song about a guy who dates a stripper (exotic dancer) at the strip club. It's fun to laugh. Good sound recording, vocals & crazy bits & pieces of comedy cuts throughout the entire song. Novelty song.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Original Redneck Gun Control Humor

I like to post a lot of original thoughts and content in this blog. Some will call it ignorance, some will call it stupid, I like to call it therapy. My views on gun control are mixed. My views on people who shoot other people without reason are not. I think they should be shot in return.

Four rednecks in Texas are sitting in a beer joint on a slow Tuesday afternoon on the outskirts of town.  Workers in the oilfields they are just happy their long 10 day shift has come to an end.  They talk about women, their cars, and suddenly one brings up the subject of gun control.  He boast about how he will never give up his arsenal of guns he has at home. "They are my protection against the evil in the world. Nobody could ever convince me guns are the problem.


About that time a man walks into the bar and ask the bartender for a beer. He then pulls out a gun and shoots everyone in sight. Not one person left alive.

How To Make Woman Have An Orgasm

How to make a woman have an orgasm! 
Leave her at home while you go out and party