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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Original Redneck Gun Control Humor

I like to post a lot of original thoughts and content in this blog. Some will call it ignorance, some will call it stupid, I like to call it therapy. My views on gun control are mixed. My views on people who shoot other people without reason are not. I think they should be shot in return.

My original humor on gun control.

Four rednecks in Texas are sitting in a beer joint on a slow Tuesday afternoon on the outskirts of town.  Workers in the oilfields they are just happy their long 10 day shift has come to an end.  They talk about women, their cars, and suddenly one brings up the subject of gun control.  He boast about how he will never give up his arsenal of guns he has at home. "They are my protection against the evil in the world. Nobody could ever convince me guns are the problem. It's the people who own them who are the problem.

We have rights!!!"

About that time a man walks into the bar and ask the bartender for a beer. He then pulls out a gun and shoots everyone in sight. Not one person left alive.

How To Make Woman Have An Orgasm

How to make a woman have an orgasm! 
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Population Growth Breeds More Dumb Ass People

Idiots are global, but living in America I notice our problems more easily. As the population grows so do a bunch of dumb F##ks. I am certainly no genius, and don't pretend to be, but I am steps ahead of the people I have seen in the news this week. Who is breeding these people? (week of Boston bombing / Ricin letters)

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